Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Kids & Babies - ChiroPregnancy is a time of many physical and emotional stresses. Chiropractic can provide many benefits during pregnancy. It can provide much needed pain relief and promote a healthy pregnancy. Chiropractor Dr Bec Sandell has a very keen interest in chiropractic during pregnancy and uses her extensive clinical knowledge as well as her experience as a Doula to help support women’s bodies during all the changes of pregnancy and to prepare for childbirth.

Chiropractic For Kids And Babies

Just like adults, children and babies can also benefit from chiropractic care.  Traumas such as the birthing process and the falls, bumps and knocks of children can cause brain information integration problems or “subluxations”.  It is important to correct any issues while they are still growing as this can help to prevent any long-term developmental concerns and problems.

Chiropractic techniques for children and babies are safe and effective, and are specifically adapted depending on their age, size and body type.  Light adjustments (using finger tip pressure) are usually all that is required to restore mobility to joints and to correct brain information integration.

Chiropractor Dr Bec Sandell uses a specific technique for babies and children call N.I.P (Neuro-Impulse Protocol) which is a very gentle and effective Chiropractic technique.