At Rouse Hill Wellness Centre, we understand that fixing your problem isn’t just about getting rid of pain, but going beyond being simply “pain free” and fixing the underlying issues that led to your injury or condition in the first place. Your individual treatment plan will consist of three stages.

How we Specialise - ChiropracticStage One: Initial acute care, or “pain relief”

The goal of this stage is to simply get you out of pain. Our chiropractors are specialists in the treatment of pain and returning you to your pre-injury state. Treatments may involve chiropractic adjustments to the spine and peripheral joints, stretches, referral for massage therapy, postural/ ergonomic advice, pillow assessment or a combination of these.

Stage Two:Stabilisation and rehabilitation.

Treatment during this stage is designed to stabilise the spine and make progress at fixing the cause of the problems. The chiropractor may also complete a 3D foot assessment scan to determine if orthotics are required.

Stage Three:Ongoing maintenance and wellness care.

Even once we improve your condition as much as we can, the rigours of life are unavoidable and so maintenance care is the best way to make sure we are staying on top of your health and keeping everything functioning the best it possibly can.