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Chiropractor, Dr Mike Kang is known for his very ‘hands-on’ and practical approach to patient care, he has helped a broad range of people from mothers and children to top performance athletes.

Dr. Mike believes that accurate analysis and precise treatment is the key to successful outcomes for his patients. This belief has seen him work with many highly respected Chiropractors who bring the highest quality spinal care to their local communities.

Originally from South Korea and having grown up in Sydney, Dr. Mike’s Chiropractic journey began as a teenager suffering from chronic low back pain and stiffness which lasted for 10 years. He found himself unable to stand up for longer than 20 minutes at a time due to the pain – and year by year he felt that the low back muscles were getting weaker.  Playing sports became difficult, work became a chore and the only relief came from lying in bed.

He went on a mission to find the solution to the problem, seeing many GPs, physiotherapists, massage therapists and osteopaths – which yielded temporary results. He found that even daily muscle stretching and exercise routines gave only short lived relief and quite often worsened the low back pain afterwards.

It wasn’t until he was under the care of the most reputable Chiropractor in his local area that things improved dramatically – in just a handful of visits, the pain had disappeared, the flexibility of the lower spine returned and the muscles felt strong again. He was finally able to stand and be as active as he had been 10 years prior.

Amazed by the result, he began to work for the Chiropractor as his apprentice whilst studying a Bachelors and a Masters Degree in Chiropractic at Macquarie University. Under the Chiropractor’s tutelage, he was rigorously trained to create rapid results for a wide variety of patients through his comprehensive ‘hands-on’ approach.

Dr Mike uses a broad range of techniques that vary from gentle to firm, including manual joint adjusting, muscle release, posture correction and rehabilitation exercises. His main interests also include treating headaches, limb pain and low back pain.

– B. Chiropractic Science, Master of Chiropractic. Macquarie University

If you would like to make an appointment to see Dr Mike Kang you can BOOK ONLINE now, or call the clinic on  (02) 8824 3334, or visit Rouse Hill Wellness Centre at 3/16 Adelphi Street in Rouse Hill, we’d love to meet you!