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Chiropractor Riya Chowdhry is a graduate from Macquarie University. She completed her Masters of Chiropractic Science, and since then has enjoyed working in private practice.

Riya uses a variety of techniques, including soft tissue work, muscle lengthening, joint mobilisations, joint manipulations and rehabilitation exercises to help get patients pain-free as soon as possible.

Riya loves her job as a chiropractor, as she really enjoys seeing changes in her patients as they progress through treatment, particularly when these changes may be part of everyday life, such as being able to return back to their favourite sporting activity, or being able to do everyday tasks pain free.

In her spare time, Riya enjoys cooking and trying new recipes outside of her comfort zone. 

If you would like to make an appointment to see Riya Chowdhry  you can BOOK ONLINE now, or call the clinic on  (02) 8824 3334, or visit Rouse Hill Wellness Centre at 3/16 Adelphi Street in Rouse Hill, we’d love to meet you!