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Chiropractors regularly treat sciatica and can have terrific results. Sciatica is the Latin word for “Pain down the back of the leg” Sciatica is referred pain usually caused by trapping the sciatic nerve in the lower back. See Back Pain. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back down through the buttocks and along the back […]

Pregnancy Acupuncture for Mothers in Rouse Hill and Surrounds

In today’s fast paced society, many mothers-to-be are continually addressing what is demanded of them right up to the end of their pregnancy, which can take its toll on the body. Acupuncture during pregnancy can provide relief throughout the various stages of pregnancy. Regular acupuncture treatments are recommended throughout your pregnancy to enhance your health, […]

Chiro for Pregnancy, Kids & Babies

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a time of many physical and emotional stresses. Chiropractic can provide many benefits during pregnancy. It can provide much needed pain relief and promote a healthy pregnancy. Chiropractor Dr Bec Sandell has a very keen interest in chiropractic during pregnancy and uses her extensive clinical knowledge as well as […]