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Rouse Hill Chiropractor Dr Grahame Conway

Chiropractor Grahame Conway has been practicing for 33 years.  He is known for his very ‘hands-on’ and practical approach to patient care. Utilising both soft tissue work and manual adjustments in his treatments.

Grahame is a very experienced and educated chiropractor. Grahame obtained a Bachelor’s of Science at the University of Sydney, followed by a Graduate Diploma of Chiropractic and became a Doctor of Osteopathy after studying at the Sydney College of Chiropractic.

With his hands-on approach, Grahame practices a very traditional form of chiropractic utilising manual adjustments and soft-tissue work.  Grahame has gained a wealth of experience in managing people’s pain and working with everything from lower and upper back pain, neck pain, headaches. elbows, fingers, different body joints and sciatica.

As a father to a ten-year-old daughter and additional life experience as a helicopter engineer; having enjoyed the design and build process of creating single-seat helicopters, Grahame is evidently more than just a skilled and respected chiropractor.

With his experience and traditional style, Grahame can help support many different complaints and problem areas.


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