Types of MassageAt Rouse Hill Wellness Centre, we specialise in a variety of different massage techniques. We can use one or a combination of these techniques during your massage treatment in order to achieve the best possible results for you.


Specifically designed to provide relief from pain and discomfort. A combination of techniques are used including deep tissue massage and effleurage to bring about therapeutic results.


Great to help relieve stress and anxiety. A gentle, slow massage designed to instil deep relaxation and restore equilibrium and balance to the body. Improves circulation, the range of movement and relieves muscular tension.


Combines different Massage techniques to enhance sports performance and speed up recuperation and prevent injury. An effective component of any training program.


Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle but highly effective form of massage. It relaxes the nervous system and aids the body’s immune system by promoting the proper flow of lymphatic fluids around the body.


Relieves the tensions and discomfort caused by the extra weight and the shift in your body’s centre of gravity. It also reduces swelling, calms the nervous system and reduces fatigue whilst enhancing energy. Our clinic has specialised pregnancy pillows which allow the pregnant mother to comfortably lay face down on the massage table.