Your Individual Naturopathic Care Plan

As part of your Naturopathic treatment you will receive an Individual Naturopathic Care Plan which will be prescribed by your Naturopath to help you achieve your health goals.

Depending on each person’s individual needs your Naturopathic Care Plan may include:

  • Liquid herbal medicine
  • Herbal tablets
  • Vitamin supplementation
  • Mineral Supplementation
  • Bach Flowers & Celloids
  • Nutrition and Diet recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations

As part of your Naturopathic Care Plan, your Naturopath will recommend follow-up consultations at specific intervals in order to assess the progress of your treatment. Your Naturopath will also use these consultations to adjust and taper your Naturopathic Care Plan as things start to improve and health priorities change from a more acute nature to wellness care.

Herbal Medicine

Concentrated medicinal plant extracts are used to help treat a wide range of conditions and to support the body’s innate capacity to heal itself. Modern practice combines the wisdom gained from traditional use with scientific evidence based research. Herbal Medicine may be prescribed as part of your Naturopathic Care Plan in a liquid, tablet or powdered form.


Nutrition is an important component of naturopathic treatment. Many conditions can be affected by the foods that we eat. Our naturopath will work with you to correct any lifestyle or dietary factors that may be influencing your health. Vitamins, Minerals and supplements may also be used as part of your treatment program.

Bach Flowers

Bach Flower remedies were developed by Dr Edward Bach after recognising the strong connection that one’s emotional state has on the physical presentation of conditions in their body. Bach Flowers act on a subtle level to affect our emotional well-being and raise our self-awareness.