naturopathyThe new year has arrived and with that comes a time to renew, reset and re-energise so that you can start working on achieving everything you are wanting to realize this year.  Goals and desires vary greatly from person to person but no matter how big or small those goals are, in order to achieve them we have to take that first step.  I have heard from a number my clients who despite their best intentions are really struggling to get motivated this year.

How to find your motivation.

Motivation is an amazing thing, when we have it we find things easy and effortless, and when we don’t things can seem insurmountable and well just too hard.  I have seen many people who after struggling with getting fit and healthy for many years finally get motivated to achieve their health goals, and so many times they say “why didn’t I just do this 10 years ago”  well that answer is simple – motivation.

Motivation is a very individual thing, and in order to work out where your positive motivation will come from, you need to work out the “why” behind each goal.  “Why do I want to achieve this” For example some might say “Why do I want to lose weight?” – I want to lose weight so that I can avoid going on the medication which my doctor has told me I will have to go on if I don’t lose this 10kgs. For others it may be, I want to be as energetic and healthy as I possibly can be.  No matter what the “why” is, once you have worked it out, write it down, write it down a few times and put it somewhere visible, so you can be reminded about the motivating factors behind achieving your goals and keep them at the forefront of your mind every day throughout the journey.motivation

It’s important to remember that there are two important components to motivation the first is working out the “why”, the second is thinking about the “why” and keeping the why a priority throughout every day of your journey.